Vision & Mission



We provide an education that will enlarge the intellectual horizons and broaden the outlook of students.


To stimulate young minds while endorsing our vision successfully by promoting the best interest of the student in all relevant contexts, for the harmonious growth and development of our greatest treasures i.e. ‘Our Children’.

As said by John Dewey, “Education therefore, is a process of living, and not a preparation for future living.”



1) We strongly believes that developing a sense of respect for self and others along with a social conscience lie at the very heart of education.
2) Hillfort Public School is run by the administration as well as the equal participation of the parents too.



1) Hillfort Public School aims to translate our belief that ‘Every Child is Unique’ into a pedagogy that adapts to your child’s unique learning style. We respect the uniqueness of the child and efforts will be made to foster that individuality.
2) Education Should Foster Real Understanding’ through our proprietary content and assessment tools. As said by Rousseau “A Child is a ‘hero’ in the drama of education and he must play the dominant role.” We follow an integrate model of learner centric Education- where your child is at the center of everything we do.